Seriously guys, it’s just tumblr. I’m gonna answer messages. Some non-tattoo posts will be made. If you find that too hard to ignore, just unfollow.

Anonymous: I think this blog needs to be a little more professional. Dont answer argumentative questions, dont talk about how youve been to this many shows, who cares. Save it for your blog, most people just want to see pop punk tattoos. 

If you’re looking for a pop punk tattoo blog to be more “professional,” look for one somewhere other than tumblr.

vvelookedlikegiants: People need to stop talking shit. You guys have no place to talk about what someone enjoys or how much they enjoy it. Seriously piss off. 
Anonymous: All this blog is now is stuff about TWY and arguments. What happened to the pop punk tattoos? 

I know right!? People keep asking about them and I feel bad not answering and then arguments ensue I guess.

Anonymous: You kinda sound like an elitist when you put it that way. not everyone is fortunate to be there for a band throughout everything and they shouldnt be afraid to call themselves a fan because they havent been. thats not what music is about, it shouldnt be a competition of who loves a band more. I havent been there for TWY until about two years ago, doesn't make me less of a fan than you. 

I never said anything about being more of a fan than anyone else. It doesn’t matter when you become a fan of a band. I’m just talking about my own personal experiences that I’ve been lucky enough to see this band for a long time. I’m not better than anyone else. I have friends who saw TWY for the first time on this tour and I was super stoked for them. I’m sorry that my personal experiences in some way offended you.

Anonymous: Wow you really like bragging about how much you've seen TWY and how you've seen them way more than anyone else don't you. 

Oh yeah definitely. I love talking about how I’ve been a fan of this band since before The Upsides came out, and I’m from the same area they are, so I’ve gotten to go to every hometown show they’ve played in the past 5 years. I’m incredibly proud of them and I love talking about this amazing band full of genuine people who worked insanely hard to get where they are and change people’s lives. If that’s bragging, so be it.

jamesinseries: I'm new to tumblr. How do I submit? 

There should be a link on the blog under “basics,” or just go to

Guys I’m at the Greatest Generation tour at Starland right now and I’m in the sweet new bar area and I’m practically sidestage. THIS RULES SO HARD.

Anonymous: TWY has helped me through the toughest times in my life, when i struggled just to stay alive. when i saw them at warped last year, i was so overwhelmed by finally seeing them when i thought i never would & being in a crowd with hundreds of people singing along, who have probably felt what i've felt too, that i cried through the whole set. is that lame? it was one of the most surreal moments of my life. 

I totally forgot to publish this, but I feel like I should.